Emergency Alert: Communist Chinese Now Taking Over US Media

by Franco on January 27, 2017

EMERGENCY ALERT: Communist Chinese Now Taking Over US Media

Alex Jones breaks down how the Communist Chinese are taking over all forms of US media and entertainment


COMMUNIST CHINA: Hollywood Depicts Trump as Dictator

Will President Trump Allow COMMUNIST CHINA to Control Our Entertainment and Media Industry and Propagandize Our Society with Leftist, Communist, Totalitarian Mind Control?

CRISIS: Communist China Controls Hollywood – Producing Leftist, Totalitarian Propaganda into Your “Movies” – Will You BOYCOTT THE BASTARDS?

SIMPLE FREEDOM: How in the HELL are we Americans allowing COMMUNISTS to take over our entertainment, media and propagandize their murderous agenda into our society? It’s happening because they know  you’re BROKE (they made you broke) and are FINANCIALLY STRESSED out of your mind – exactly how they want you. Change that and learn to make your own money and get free so you can engage and fight back! Click here for info.

Push Button Profits Traffic Authority Compensation Plan Simple Freedom



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