Conservatism is the New Counter Culture Paul Joseph Watson Infowars

by Franco on February 10, 2017

TRUTH MEDIA: Conservatism is the New Counter-Culture by Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars

LEFTISTS: Sloppy, dumb, sedated by the state and indoctrinated into tantrum throwing, hateful totalitarian zombies – You’re NOT cool!

Liberty is cool.

Freedom is cool.

Being healthy and fit is cool.

Making money is cool.

Being smart is cool.

Loving other people is cool.

Being white is cool.

Being not white is cool.

Being racist is not cool.

Not being race obsessed is cool.

Being intolerant is not cool.

The Constitution is cool.

Chopping people’s heads off because they don’t agree with you is not cool.

Bombing other people’s countries for oil, money or power is not cool.

Meddling in other country’s affairs is not cool.

Working to fix hard problems in your own country is cool.

The Fed… fuck the Fed. Ultra not cool.

Letting people keep and work with more of their hard earned money is cool.

Taxing people obscenely is not cool.

Fake news is not cool.

CNN is fake news.

Not being triggered about opposing opinions is cool.

Not throwing violent tantrums and riotting when you lose is cool.

Voting instead of sitting on your ass and assuming… is cool.

Cultural libertarianism…. is cool.

Being successful is cool.

Being a man is cool.

Being a woman is cool.

Getting married is cool.

Making babies is cool.

Raising families is cool.

The support of NOT murdering innocent babies is cool.

Loving your family is cool.

Trusting your neighbors is cool.

Being kind to people is cool.

Law and Order is cool.

Not being stupid is cool.

Supporting your local police is cool.

Letting violent street gangs take over your town is not cool.

Local police supporting and contributing to the towns they police is cool.

Not being lazy is cool.

Living a life of purpose is cool.

1984 is not cool.

1776 is cool.

Globalism is slavery.

Slavery is not cool.

Sovereignty is cool.

Nationalism is sovereignty and that’s cool.

Living in peace with other nations is cool.

The answer to 1984 is 1776… is cool.

Nationalism living in peace with other nationalism loving strong nations is cool.

Free enterprise is cool.

Open markets and competition (responsibly) is cool.

Slave labor is not cool.

Socialism…… cmon man, wrong side of history. Not cool.

Freedom of speech is cool.

Being successful is cool.

Being respectful is cool.

Getting bombed out of your mind on drugs and addicted: not cool.

Censoring opposing opinions is not cool.

Leftist totalitarian cultural marxism was NEVER cool.

Wake up and be cool.

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