Candid Conversation with Mike Cernovich – Dave Rubin – Donald Trump – Exposing Political Correctness

by Franco on October 13, 2016

CANDID CONVERSATION: Mike Cernovich Sits Down with Dave Rubin and Talks Political Correctness, the Regressive Leftists, Donald Trump, Never Ending Wars, Fascism, Political Hypocrisy, Globalism, the Fraudulent & Discredited ‘Main Stream Media’ and Chasing Liberty…

Exposing the Hoax Media: The ‘Main Stream Media’ Killed Itself this Year – and that’s a great thing…

What’s Next? Now that we know ‘the establishment’ is full of shit, what do you do about it?

Now that the fraudulent “main stream media” is completely outed and we all know it fully colludes with the political establishment to mind control you and use disinformation campaigns and full blown media hoaxes to manipulate the masses into following their puppet masters into a globalism dystopia, what’s next?

Mike Cernovich War on Free Speech Alternative Media

Where will you find “news” knowing that the main stream media is basically run like a CIA PSYOP division?

Which politician isn’t a bought and paid for globalist corporate puppet or full blown, closet ‘cultural marxist’ socialist taking orders from globalist financiers and bankster cartels? How do you know? What are the alternatives?

Are you open minded enough to listen to alternative voices who live outside the box of the establishment lemmings? Here’s a conversation between two guys who can lead you into an “outside-the-matrix” way of thinking.

Mike Cernovich (author and activist) joins Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report, discussing his support for Donald Trump, his views on political correctness, ISIS, and more.

Full interview about online outrage culture, regressive leftist “social justice warriors” and the climate of our political environment…

FREE SPEECH UNDER ATTACK: Twitter Censorship Continues – Suspends James O’Keefe Who Conducts Covert Journalism to Expose Fraud and Hypocrisy in Politics…

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Just How Corrupt is the Clinton Machine and Our Political System Today?

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