The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

by Franco on January 16, 2017

The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

This stuff, as simple as we make it, is still not for everybody.

Most people that fail in affiliate marketing never truly understand the concept itself. They over complicate everything to the point that the most simple concept is “confusing” to them. At some point there is nothing you can do about it.

Just like accounting isn’t for “everybody.”
Just like being a mathematician isn’t for “everybody.”
Just like being a carpenter or plumber isn’t for “everybody.”

Affiliate Marketing isn’t for “everybody.”

And as an affiliate marketing that loves it and is good at it, you can spend way too much time wasting it on trying to get people to understand the basic concepts of affiliate marketing.

So, instead of wasting a ton of time in that futile journey, it’s smarter to create content where you can send people to learn. Either they get it or they don’t, but you have to “keep it moving.”

So here’s a sample response from a person brand new to affiliate marketing that hasn’t quite understood the basic premise and is “confused” about it…

Thank you for responding back to me. I am apart of enviralizer… I signed up on October 29th .. I went to back office looked at the video trainings but still confused on how to get people to sign up and trust me to make money when I don’t really have the information down packed and asking for help from my sponsor so I don’t look silly when I am asked stuff, or something so simple as to how  it works and I can never get a real answer it’s always go watch this and it’s always the same video !i watched the video but I need more . It’s hard to sell something that doesn’t make sense to you .  I’m sorry to vent but I’m just baffled how I started end of last year and still have yet to make a sell because of the lack of help .. My sponsor is very successful from what I see on Facebook just wish I could have been led to the same success. 

Believe in yourself

Here is a reply that can either help this person, or help them decide it’s not for them:


To be honest, I think you’re over complicating the concept of Affiliate Marketing in general.

Affiliate Marketing is not about you knowing all the details of your offers.

Affiliate Marketing is about recommending people go review your offer and they can learn about it there.

You’re simply referring people to a “simple way to learn how to make money online.”

And then you give them your link so they watch the video and begin to learn about it.

In our Enviralizer offer it’s pretty simple:

1. The product is Affiliate Marketing Training.
Our training course teaches people what affiliate marketing is all about and teaches them strategies if affiliate marketing.

So the product itself can help you understand it better.

2. The product offer is a one-time $25 to get the training.
There are no monthly fees. Just one time $25. Easy.

3. We pay affiliates $20 per sale for their referral.

4. Affiliates earn commissions for referrals.
So an affiliate can share our offer with people and if people pay the $25 to buy it, the affiliate gets $20.

That’s pretty much it.


1. Look for humans.

2. Ask humans if they are open to learning a simple method of making money online.

3. Give humans your affiliate link so they can watch the video.

4. Follow up with humans and ask:
“Did you watch the quick video?”
“Did you understand how it makes you money?”

5. Help human get started:
“Let’s make you some money.”
“Let get you setup so you can make sales.”

6. Plug human into our training.
We teach them other methods and a deeper understanding of affiliate marketing.

That’s basically it.

So another thing too…

Remember just like with anything, this NOT for “everybody.”

No matter how much we try to simplify what “affiliate marketing” is, some people will just fail to understand its simplicity.

This is not for those people.

But then again…

Our actually product teaches it.

So for a one time $25 to learn about affiliate marketing, it’s not a big deal.

They either get it or they don’t.

But in essence, that’s all you’re doing here:

1. Looking for people open to a simple way to make money online.

2. Sending them to your link so they can begin to learn.

3. It’s a one time $25. No big deal.

4. It pays affiliates $20 per sale.

I hope this helps you more.

I have a video on my blog that teaches the basic concept of what Affiliate Marketing is.

You can watch it for more training here:

And of course, I’d recommend you login to the back office of your Enviralizer course and actually click on training and take the time to study the actual product.

The fact that you still don’t have a basic understanding of what affiliate marketing is, means you need to spend more time learning about the concept instead of ways for “fast sales.”

Because you’re right:

If you don’t understand what you’re selling, nothing will work.

And keep it simple.

This isn’t complicated.

Either people want a simple way to make money or they don’t.

No big deal.

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