The 4 Pillars of Freedom Money Online

by Franco on April 13, 2015

How to Implement the 4 Pillars of Freedom Money Online

Are you executing these 4 pillars in your online business today?

Here’s the transcript:

4 Shockingly Effective Ingredients to Building a Freedom Income Online

Most people are struggling to eek out a couple hundred dollars in their online businesses, let alone, building any kind of “Freedom Money” at all. We explore WHY and share a proven solution.


1. Most people never build a real business.

2. They just spam links all over and get rejected.

3. They never build a BASE to work from.

4. They don’t give value or know how.

5. They spam affiliate links.

6. They pitch their MLM deal coldly.

7. They get rejected.

8. They quit.

9. They blame everything they can.

10. They say “it didn’t work” for them.


They just never learned what you’re about to learn right now.

Here’s a recipe that is proven to build Freedom Incomes:

1. CORE Base Camp.

2. Today Profits

3. Freedom Money

4. Residual Money

Here’s how this works together…

And if you look at how I do business, you’ll now see that I have all those elements quietly working for my 24/7 as I focus on building #1 which is, the CORE Base Camp, daily.

#1: CORE Base Camp.

You need your OWN place to bring people where you give value and they build trust in you as they learn the basics. Trust = Currency.

What is a CORE Base Camp?

1. Facebook Fan Page.

*Simple Freedom Internet Marketing School

2. Personal Coaching eNewsletter: Email List.

*Value and coaching via email = easy.

3. Blog. Bring people from social networks

to your blog and deliver streams of value.

SECRET: Your invitations to events and affiliate links will be shared in your CORE Base Camp all the time, so the people will see them there consistently and move through your funnel on their terms.


Affiliate Marketing commissions.

Fastest and easiest way to make cash online.

This cash flow sustains your business marketing and now you can advertise or scale up.


Simple Freedom Academy

Examples of solid affiliate offers that pay high commissions percentage with leverage.

Not just tiny one time comishies… but strong affiliate income with leverage built in.

Affiliate programs where the focus is on COMMUNITY and TRAINING so you make more sales on the back end. Not just orphaned affiliates.

It’s better.


Big ticket offers that pay you big ticket money.

Where ONE sale can put $500 or $1,000 or more in your pocket.

Same work = MORE money = Less Transactions.

SECRET: Build CORE Base Camp and build a list of your trusted, happy buyers from your affiliate marketing… and sell your big ticket offers ONLY inside that group.

MORE sales

STEADY sales


People already KNOW the culture and they WANT to buy. GOLD.


* Simple Freedom Knights (in the future)

#4: Residual Money.

Tomorrow money with yesterday’s work!

This is where real freedom and financial peace of mind are created.

Everything you’re doing now in your marketing business, should be pointing people, eventually into a MONTHLY RESIDUAL cash flow stream.

This way, you’re getting paid TODAY for work you did to build your CORE Base Camp… 9 months ago!

That’s freedom and peace of mind.

Examples of good programs that pay reliable

and sizable recurring monthly income are:


Empower Network

* Simple Freedom Coaching (in the future)…

(or your favorite MLM here if you have one)

If you model this teaching, you can create FREEDOM MONEY in your life. Awesome!

This will help you out if you implement it immediately.


Franco Gonzalez
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