Rule of Law RIP Go Make Money Instead

by Franco on July 5, 2016

Hillary Lipstick on a Pig Simple Freedom

RIP Rule of Law – It’s Over. Go Get Money ASAP!

Go make some money.

Real money.

Stop pussy footing around.

You’re being FARMED. Beyond slavery.

They keep you around on purpo$e.

You are the TaxAss.

At least grab some coin and have some spine.
Stop wasting time complicating it.

Only an utter fool would need any more evidence that this system, the complete and total system is corrupt and rotten to its core. So why waste your life pretending to believe in it. Go outside the grid and go make serious money.


Franco Gonzalez Simple Freedom

The dumbest mistake you can ever make right now is CHOOSING to stay broke.

In this kind of system, where the “poor” are pandered to and coddled, they are FARMED and EATEN.

This corrupt socialist authoritarian system will work to make you more poor and make you completely dependent on The State (your daddy) for everything. And once they have you on permanent dependence, they’ll eat you alive.

You’re just a political data point to them.

They need your stupid vote to stay in power.

That’s why they’re importing as many broke, dumb, backwards ass people from as many 3rd world shit holes as humanly possible, by any means necessary and they’re stuffing them into suburbs in small little towns and in cities big and small to add to their dependent class votes = more power for them.

Don’t be stupid and buy into it.

It’s time to get viciously focused on making as much cash flow as humanly possible, as fast as possible with as little bs drama and politics as possible.

You need to keep this all as simple as you possibly can and you have to stop over thinking the details.

Get this message out there.

Get this message out there fast.

Get this message out there daily.

And help other people see an actual solution and a vehicle they can use to cash up and liberty up.

Before it’s too late.

Have you seen enough bs corruption to know now that this isn’t a game to them?

Just join me here.

It’s clean, simple affiliate marketing and it can make you money fast, if you stop wasting time.


SIMPLE FREEDOM: Your Last Hope for Liberty and Freedom is to Create Your Own Cash Flow and BUY IT.

Click here to review the system I’m using to help you do just that.

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