Launch is Imminent

by Franco on January 16, 2017

Launch is Imminent.

Early action takers will be rewarded handsomely.

Although I am not at liberty to divulge the name of this offer until Tuesday morning at 11:00am EST, I can tell you that this is being coined as..

“The Greatest Money Multiplier Ever Devised.”

Pretty hilarious, right? But you have to watch the comp plan on this one too… it’s crazy.

Soft launch is only 2 days away.

If you have not yet watched this video, go do that now.

People on my “FIRST ALERTS” list go to the front of the line.

This being a narrow forced matrix system, you want to get in as early as you can and I can do that for you.

Then come Tuesday morning, watch your inbox like a hungry hawk for my email with the link in it.

The subject line will be “Launching Now – Get In Fast”

Let’s make you some money,


PS. Don’t forget to make sure you have a Payza or SolidTrust Pay account verified and ready. Even if you already have one of these accounts, it’s a good idea to login and confirm that everything is up to date. Your login credentials still work, no expired cards, etc.

You can fund your Payza with your bank CC/debit card or even Bitcoin with a Coinbase account.



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