How to Get Started Fast in Your New Affiliate Marketing Program

by Franco on January 21, 2017

How to Get Started Fast in Your New Affiliate Marketing Program

Enviralizer Getting Started Training Affiliate Marketing Training

The very best way to get started is by checking in with your sponsor and learning what they actually did that made you buy because you already know that method works… whatever it is.

Then focus psychotically to learn THAT method.

And do whatever it takes.

That’s usually the best first step.

Also, a good next step is to think about the process you took to get here….

…”reverse engineer” the marketing process that made you want to buy.

Think about what it was that caused you to find this offer in the first place. What did your sponsor do to make you become aware of Enviralizer?

Sometimes it’s as simple as a facebook post or a youtube video.

Other times it could have been an email you received about this out of nowhere… because you’re opted into an affiliate’s email list.


So a good first step is to remember what kind of message and marketing helped you discover this program and buy it.

Then work to learn how to do that.

Other than that…

Please login to your back office and download the New Member Handbook… and follow the steps in our Fast Start Video.

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