Getting Started Easy with Affiliate Marketing on the Simple Freedom Team

by Franco on May 24, 2018

GETTING STARTED EASY: How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing with the Simple Freedom Team

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Keeping it Simple. It’s called Simple Freedom for a reason. We wanted to create a more simplfied way to help brand new online based, home entrepreneurs get started and get into profit mode.

This stuff can get real complicated quickly.

I know that from experience.

I also know that from watching others turn a really simple process into a completely frustrating, expensive, non-productive failure because they totally over complicate things and get really overwhelmed. This is just stating a fact. It’s real. It’s what happens out here when people get led into doing all kinds of “gurus” stuff before they really understand the basics.

So, Simple Freedom was born.

We just wanted to take the pieces that really mattered and teach people how to put them together, how to connect the dots, so to speak and then how to run the marketing game plan to get them results.

We wanted to do it in a simpler way.

So we cut out a lot of the fat and only focus on the stuff that truly gets results.

IT’S DIFFERENT BEING NEW: What new affiliates should focus on is completely different than what advanced, experienced marketers should focus on. But nobody tells you that!

Getting Started Easy Affiliate Marketing Training with Simple Freedom

It’s true.

Often, new people get directed to do all kinds of stuff that, while it’s good for the “gurus” and looks “sexy” online, it’s stuff that truly doesn’t even matter to new people. And that fancy stuff, when you don’t know how it all flows together, can really just slow you down.

So in the video above I talk a little bit about how to keep your “getting started” phase really simple.


  1. Get your affiliate link.
  2. Get traffic to it (first).
  3. (Then) Plug into training.

It’s critical that you just focus on getting traffic to your link at first.

If you fail to do this, you’ll more than likely just waste a ton of time “learning” and “training” and not taking any action in your business and that can make you feel unaccomplished and frustrated.

The quickest way to success is in taking some massive action.

Productive activity is the focus.

So, just find your affiliate link and setup your funnel.

Get traffic to it asap.

Power of One Mobile Marketing Affiliate Marketing Training with Simple Freedom Academy

Then, go ahead and plug into training so that you can learn more about the bigger picture of what kind of marketing this is, and how it works together.

There are a variety of moving parts here, and as you attend our trainings, you’ll understand how all the dots are connected and how it all works together as your marketing system and process.

More on that later in other trainings…

For right now, let’s just get you started quickly going in the productive direction.

HERE’S WHAT TO DO NEXT: If you’re just getting started with me, please follow these steps…

  1. Join me. If you’re new I suggest you start on my Simple Freedom team here.
  2. Watch that video and flow through the system.
  3. Pick whatever level fits you and your goals and budget right now.
  4. Levels are affordable and start at just $25 for Level 1 + $97 for VLS.
  5. That is the fastest funnel to setup because there is no setup.
  6. Get a domain at Godaddy or Namecheap.
  7. Forward the domain to your funnel’s affiliate link.
  8. Get traffic.
  9. Plug into training to learn more strategies.

That’s how to get started.

The deeper question after that is, how much in commissions per sale would you like to earn?

If you’d like to earn $250 per sale, join that level.

If you’d like to earn $500 per sale, join that level.

If you’d like to earn $1,000 per sale, join that level.

You can always join at the lower levels and use profits to upgrade later.

The benefit of joining in the higher levels is that, for example, if you join at the $500 level, you also, automatically own and are qualified in the affiliate program to earn on all lower levels. So if you can, it makes sense to join at the higher levels. But join wherever you can.

Then I’ll plug you into my training and as you learn, you’ll take more profitable and consistent actions.

As results flow in, you can refine your business to earn whatever you want.

THE PROCESS IS SIMPLE: Most People Just Are Conditioned to Complicate it…

Here’s literally how simple the mechanics of this business work:

  1. You get a message out in the market.
  2. People see the message.
  3. Some people are attracted to it, most aren’t. Normal.
  4. Interested people click the link.
  5. Then they watch a video.
  6. If they love it, they buy.
  7. You get paid.
  8. That’s how this works.

There are thousands of ways to over complicate this, but at it’s core essence, that’s how this business model called affiliate marketing works.

You’re taking an offer of a product, service or program to the market place of people.

They either find it interesting or not.

If they are interested, they flow through the marketing system and watch the main video.

Then they buy.

Or they don’t.

We as marketers simply follow up and ask them if they are serious about learning about a fun, simple way to make money online. We invite them to the system. We invite them to our free training.

Then we simply ask them for their decision.

That’s it.

And if you get good at simplifying this stuff, you can earn $1,000 or $500 per sale.

How many of those sales would it take to replace your full time job?

Pretty cool, right?

Ok, that’s it for now.

If you have any questions, just let me know, ok?

See you inside,





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