Enviralizer Resignation

by Franco on May 2, 2017

ENVIRALIZER UPDATE: As of May 1 2017 I’m No Longer Associated or Affiliated with the Enviralizer Affiliate Program.

So after about 3 years or so at Enviralizer, I’m no long affiliated or associated with the affiliate program.

Rumors from nutty people claim that “I got fired” or that I “stole commissions” which are obnoxiously untrue. As with every single “wrapping up” of any business partnership, there are matters to negotiate and resolve. Nothing different here. And those matters are between private individuals.

Just because they don’t get thrown around in public social networks doesn’t mean any fraudulent rumors are true. It’s just that sometimes angry ex-affiliates try to throw tantrums on social media to push their nonsense or get attention.

Buyer beware. I’ve already warned so many people about unstable, unbalanced, unprofessional affiliates who make giant promises with shady marketing tactics. Just… buyer beware.

Most of the time, the more they slander and the more they defame others, the worse the situation gets for them. It just confirms the decisions made were the correct ones.

But as far as Enviralizer, moving forward, it’s working now, never stopped and all affiliates have been paid (as always).

All affiliates completely paid in full for any earned commissions as of May 1, 2017.

Enviralizer ownership has now switched the merchant processing to Payza and the site is up and taking orders as I write this. Nothing else has changed. Orders are being processed and product is being delivered. Just like always.

One Affiliate, “Niccy Lynn Stinson” was Terminated for Cause Based on Violation of the Terms of Service

This affiliate was repeatedly caught using massive, leveraged SPAM methods (unsolicited advertising) to promote the program. As all professionals in the internet marketing arena know, SPAM marketing methods can get programs’ merchant accounts shut down, create refund and chargeback situations and can negatively impact the program.

This affiliate, “Niccy Lynn Stinson” or “Nick Stinson” or “Nicc Lynn Stinson” (she operates multiple fake facebook accounts with a bunch of different versions of her name so she can keep using her autoposters and spamming the hell out of pages and groups night and day), markets in ways that are misleading and deceptive and uses multiple Facebook accounts and autoposting software and methods to keep “live stream” and recorded videos playing (basically spamming the ever living $#!T out of) multiple facebook groups and pages for hours at a time. It’s blatant “unsolicited advertising.”

That kind of blatant, massive, leveraged, automated “unsolicited advertising” is not tolerated by ANY legitimate program (unless the owners are greedy and shady too), and it wasn’t tolerated here.

She was terminated from the program and as our policy states, her commissions were forfeited to protect against future chargebacks and merchant account risk, as is standard in this industry. This is done to protect the rest of the affiliates in the program since if you let one shady marketer ruin the merchant account and thus, cause the program to shut down, EVERYONE ELSE gets hurt. That’s exactly why these features are put into place in the “terms of service” and “site agreements” of all legitimate programs.

The reason is, that most times when dealing with affiliates like this, when they are reprimanded or terminated for cause, they can act in ways which further put the managing merchant account at high risk.

For proof of this, just follow my facebook profile and see how it’s been “trolled” by this individual or people trolling on her behalf (they’ve been trolling and deleting multiple times). Slandering the program. Defaming the program, and also myself without any regard for the affiliates still active in it. More proof that these kinds of shady unethical marketers never care about anyone else other than themselves and which is a big reason I warned for months to take action and terminate any shady marketer like that. I warned about this exact thing happening.

When they use slander and defamation against the program or existing or former owners and create an environment that fosters others to do the same, it can put the entire program at high risk.

But the terminated affiliate usually doesn’t care because they just move onto another program and keep marketing in the same ways. They’ll destroy the program they left and just keep jumping into other programs, churning and burning all the way through.

This is why companies usually hold or forfeit any due commissions as they terminate these violators from the program.

If the new leadership or ownership at the program decides to reinstate or reactivate these affiliates, then the risk is their responsibility and they incur the ongoing risk of negative consequences.

As of this writing, I believe the existing owner of the program has either reactivated her account or reinstated her. I feel this is a VERY bad decision. And part of that is why I had to separate myself from the program. I’ve seen shady marketers like this for over a decade and a half and I know nothing good comes out of appeasing them. It’s best to separate yourself from these situations if other owners are going to keep individuals like this coddled. The financial risk to merchant accounts is too great. And when they screw up the program, they screw it up for EVERY OTHER AFFILIATE there.

All Enviralizer Affiliates in Good Standing are Completely Paid Any Commissions Due, As Always.

As always in the years I was a co-owner of the Enviralizer affiliate program, all affiliates are completely paid. There is only one affiliate, who was terminated by me for cause for violating the terms of service with regard to SPAM compliance for her grossly misleading marketing (spamming facebook groups with automated posting software and video streaming containing misleading statements and income claims, which you can see yourself on her Facebook is a “Niccy Lynn Stinson.”

Now, if current ownership (after I’m gone) decides to give her an account and keep her active, then that’s all on them. Not me. She was terminated for cause as far as I’m concerned. And I called it correctly, as since the first posting of this update, I’ve received numerous private messages from people who bought from her, that expressed unfortunate stories on how they were enticed with “bait and switch” tactics and once they voiced their concerns or questions, they were berated and blocked on social media by their “sponsor” – which is what I’d been hearing for months and I warned about.

Nic Lynn Stinson is Shady, Unethical, Fraudulent (just review her own “marketing” on Facebook – real shady)

Now she’s posting all kinds of exagerated lies and even creating “troll accounts” and troll groups on facebook to attempt to slander and defame me, personally. Those things are silly and of course, they won’t have anything but a nonexistant effect on me personally, but it does document the extent at which a shady, unethical “marketer” will go to try and bully or intimidate or just maliciously attack other individuals.

It says a lot about their lack of character.

I usually just stay in my own lane and I don’t get into drama BS like this. But this lady keeps on pushing lies and rumors in order to keep marketing to people and save face, so I have to update this post with some facts and then go on about my business.

You can see after watching just a few minutes of her videos or postings what I mean. Doesn’t take long.

It’s probably some form of psychological projection. She’s projecting out some slanderous stuff because she’s trying to “save face” and take as many of her followers into whatever deal she’s going to destroy next.

Nicc Lynn Stinson

(this pic is another obvious lie because even the affiliates inside Enviralizer know they’re paid in full up to the current pay period. Every single affiliate in good standing is completely paid up. She’s just throwing out drama to create a fuss. And……. I ain’t her therapist.)

Some close sources have shared with me she actually did almost the identical thing with a program called MCA.

Shady marketing… she got called and checked on it…

Then she said all kinds of negative (probably lies) about them too on her way out as they got rid of her.

She locked onto a new program that puts up with her shady, misleading marketing.

Don’t just take it from me though, review it all yourself. Just put yourself through her Facebook page and watch some live streams. All kinds of fake enticement and misleading statements that can get any affiliate kicked out of any legit program and also get programs in trouble too.

Just review her “marketing” yourself and really think about it.

I’ve been out there full time for over 16 years.

I’ve attracted and closed tens of thousands of sales online, all in public view of the social networks. You simply don’t last this long for almost 2 decades if you’re screwing people over. That should give people pause.

I’m out here daily adding content. Straight training content.

These shady marketers step out of nowhere and hit the industry and get greedy. They think it’s not a “small town” out there and they do some shady stuff and think all they have to do is block people out of their groups on facebook if they complain and that’s it.

Well, that doesn’t work well.

That’s short term.

And I’ve seen countless people like this flame out fast.

It’s pretty easy to see if you review all her content, then review mine.

I don’t play those kinds of games.

But, angry “marketers” are going to do whatever they think they have to do to corral their sheep and push them into another rodeo following them. Hey, if you’re ok with that, follow along. That’s not my issue.

My issue is, that I called out and warned people that needed to know about her methods a long time ago but nobody listened. Now everything I warned about is reality. I had a feeling she might go sideways but these obvious lies are weird. And I ain’t her “therapist” so it just confirms that I made the right decision to kick her out and then release the drama.

She runs multiple facebook accounts and has had multiple facebook accounts shut down on her because of her shady marketing tactics (by her own admission to me personally). Her approach is “bait and switch” by offering people exagerated promises or exagerated outcomes and expectations and blatant income claims which are, in and of themselves, illegal and a form of enticement.

She uses enticement with income claims and runs “live stream” videos for hours SPAMMING a variety of Facebook goups where she entices people to join. I personally received many complaints from Enviralizer buyers who bought through her and were later blocked by her for “whining and complaining.”

Once in the back office, they discover that the true “Enviralizer” program has nothing to do with those shady, misleading claims. Many of those affiliates get upset and feel completely lost trying to match up the marketing promises made with the actual product and training offering.

At this point, their “sponsor” ignores them and blocks them on Facebook if they “complain” and her charade goes on.

The problem is that people who use shady marketing and deceptive tactics like this always search for programs they can take advantage of. They look for programs where owners appease them and turn the other way when they see a shady affiliate misleading people.

The shady affiliate never cares, because if they get the program in problems or cause their merchant accounts to get shut down, they simply “pick up their marbles” and move on to the next easy program to violate and take advantage of.

Most other programs would never put up with shady marketers like that and they usually get terminated for cause for violating their terms of service and for compliance issues.

It’s easy to pick them out as all you have to do is take a stroll through their social media accounts and watch their “marketing” for a few minutes to see them practice those shady methods.

It’s up to ownership to prevent that kind of toxic affiliate to leverage a program. But when ownership let’s them get away with it, it just sets up bad consequences.

At that point, people who don’t want to support that kind of activity need to separate themselves from the program. Allowing shady marketers to run amok inside a good program NEVER creates positive outcomes.

I’ve seen it all before and it’s not worth it.


1. Every single Enviralizer affiliate who earned commissions has been paid in full according to the present pay period. The program is running smoothly as always even now.

2. Only ONE affiliate (who was terminated for cause for gross violations of compliance and terms of service) has not. That’s the affiliate who’s now posting exagerations and lies online about me. I expected that. I warned Enviralizer ownership about that affiliate more than a few times as I had been warned by others on her team about her.

3. If you have a specific question regarding Enviralizer for me, you can send me your question directly to my message box on fan page or to my email.

Will the Enviralizer Funnels and Pages Still Be Supported in PLS?

YES, the “Enviralizer Training” page on my blog will stay to support affiliates who wish to use the various lead capture pages and sales funnels we share coded for Enviralizer using Power Lead System.

Click here for the Enviralizer Training page.

As always, people who are ready to work directly with me can join via my primary program offer of Power Lead System by reviewing the marketing system here.

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