Abundance Network Review

Abundance Network Review

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Abundance Network. Mobile Marketing tool for affiliate marketing lead generation and sales smart phone mobile marketing funnels.

The product is your own mobile marketing phone number.

You promote this number on all online and offline promotions.

When people dial your lead generation number they listen to an automated short recording and if interested in the information they are directed to “press 1” to continue.

At this point the AVA, automated virtual assistant engages and begins a virtual text message conversation with your new lead.

The prospect is directed into any affiliate offer or any website of your choice and all contact info data including mobile number and email is collected and stored in your contact manager. You can follow up in any way you want and direct people to anything you want.

Affiliates of this product are paid to generate leads with the tool in multiple ways.

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Abundance Network Mobile Marketing Lead Generation Automated Selling Funnel Affiliate Marketing

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