The Power of Simple Stability

by Franco on August 31, 2015

Plant Your Flag and DON’T YOU FRICKIN MOVE!

The power of stability blended with simplicity.

Simple Freedom Academy

Somebody was commenting to me over a facebook message that they were so happy in seeing what we were doing here with Simple Freedom and how we were positioning our own products and affiliate program.

My reply was:

“Awesome man, yeah we just got tired of “simple” programs getting real dramatic or complicated or just changing everything all the time… so it was just time to create our own, at least on the front end and stay STABLE! Good for our sanity, hahahahahaha!!! !! !!”

Yeah I know, I got a little carried away there with my finger on the “exclamation point and “haha” trigger.

But you feel my hysterical, borderline clinical, desperate passion (insanity) right?

And you know that’s pretty deep.

When your market notices how stable and consistent your message is and how your offers, products and affiliate program is there and steady. Stability is very attractive.

I’ve joined so many programs because in the beginning the vision was so simple and the systems were so clean, uncluttered and very clear too. But soon, with growth and catering to “gooroos” and a variety of reasons, they started to get A.D.H.D or something and they just start getting complicated, and more complicated etc.

And that kills mojo.

We saw that everywhere we went.

** Programs getting shut down because of the crazy hyped up marketing they’d allow.

** Comp plans changing all the time for the benefit of the upper leaders and taking away more from the newbies starting out.

** Merchant accounts blowing up.

** Internal and extermal drama and politics.

We just got fed up and decided to just create our own core line of products, memberships, training and programs.

Our own affiliate compensation programs.

And the core vision was to help people with two main things:



You know something magical happens when you give the grass roots something SIMPLE and STABLE to get behind…

…your mojo stays attractive!

You finally give your affiliates something to dig in behind and really express a full and consistent stream of promotion, marketing and networking. And that goes a long way to helping them access the GOLD in any business:

The fortune is in “LIFE-TIME CUSTOMER VALUE.”

And that’s exactly what Simple Freedom is focused on.

What does that mean, really?


With a high “Life-Time Customer Value” each one of your (for example) $25 sales might be documented to be worth over $1,500 in “Life-Time Customer Value” because your internal culture and support and systems create that during the life of your customer’s relationship with your business…

…whereas, in shitty programs, you can work your face off night and day to generate that same $25 sale but the life time customer value in a crappy, unstable, demoralize and always changing environment will keep it at $25. Which SUCKS. It means every single day you have to get up and go hunt for more sales because that’s all you’ll ever get out of any existing customer.

This is why newer people fail or can never get any “traction” in their business.

Nobody teaches this stuff.

Simple Freedom does. We know how valuable it is to have truly knowledgable, well educated affiliates and customers.

So, if you haven’t checked out our core line of programs to help you make money online, you should review them.

And come inside and hangout with us in our community and on our training hangouts.

I promise you, you’ll be glad you did.

Welcome to Simple Freedom!

Franco Gonzalez
text: 760-271-2810
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