The Art of Continuity

by Franco on August 30, 2015

I love the art of the continuous funnel (continuity).

Where a $7 sale turns itself into a $29 sale because of a smart system.

(I earn a $6 commission on the $7 and a $15 monthly recurring commission on the $29)

Lead Lightning Continuity Marketing Funnels
I have no idea who the buyer is yet.

I’m with the family having brunch out in town. But it’s cool to have a $7 sale turn into a $15 residual monthly commission out of nowhere.
Residual income with online automation and leverage.

There are plenty of solid systems out there, however most of them are very complicated for a newbie to setup and run and most come with all kinds of distractions internally. I like mine because it’s simple for new people to setup and run, they get my personal support with setup and training and my favorite part, there are no “gooroos” inside waiting to distract you, confuse you and make you buy and sell stuff that’s hyper priced where you don’t get paid.

My system is clean and without internal drama.

Our focus is on two things we can do for new people:

  1. Education. Teach new people real marketing skill sets.
  2. Compensation. Pay new people well as they learn and grow and scale.

It’s called “continuity” and it’s nice leverage.

There’s also much more inside that funnel too.

We’ll let it work its magic…

…and the beautiful things about a good continuity funnel is that it allows the market to “self-identify” and pick their own solution.

Remember back in the day (Generation X and BabyBoomers) that book series, “Choose Your Own Adventure”?

They were mainly science fiction stories where the narrative sucked you in, you were the hero and at the end of every couple pages you could pick and choose which way to go…

“To blast that space monster with your photon laser, go to page 16. To hit hyper drive and just get the heck out of here, go to page 23.”

That’s what a good funnel does.

The people interested in lower price point solutions or monthly residual income can pick that…

And the people interested in higher price point solutions can pick that.

That’s how a $25 sale turns itself into a $3500 sale like a couple did yesterday.

It’s all a process.

All you add is consistency and support to your customers. The better value and the better support you render, the better your relationships with existing customers will be… and that creates retention and higher “lifetime customer value.”

It helps simplify things too.

We talk about it in our training here:

Any questions, text me or find me on Facebook.


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P.S. The actual offer that created this sale is called “Lead Lightning” and was created by the Power Lead System. It’s a sweet little one time $7 offer for a list building online marketing system which pays $6 commission. Then inside, they have a couple upsells in the funnel. One of them is for a level of service that gives you personalization and more features in the marketing system for a $29/mth “Silver” membership. That offer pays a commission of $15/mth per referral to affiliates. Not bad. You can review it here:


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