High Tech High Touch?

by Franco on July 30, 2015

Do you know what really attracted me to Internet Marketing?

Maybe I should back up a bit so it’ll make more sense.

At 18 I joined the military and followed orders for 5 years.

At 23 I joined the corporate world and followed orders for another 8 years.

Then I decided to transition into being an entrepreneur so I got into sales.

Life insurance and financial products.

Then real estate and loans.

The two best tools for selling in that environment:

1. Telephone
2. Relationships


Here’s how the mechanics worked out:

1. Networking.

Building your warm network by any means necessary. You’re just always meeting new people and building relationships. And it all starts with your “warm sphere of influence,” which includes your friends, family and their friends and family.

2. The Approach.

“Hey Joe, if I could show you a way to keep more of what you earn and even generate more passive income with strategies that just made sense for you, would you be willing to hear me out for 15 minutes to learn how I can help you?”


“Hey Sally, if I could show you how to lower your mortgage payment by a full 30%, put $25,000 cash in your pocket and charge you absolutely zero in fees or out of pocket costs, would you be willing to sit down with me for 15 minutes and hear me out?”

The approach is a simple question or set of questions you ask a prospect to compel them to agree to meet with you.

3. The sit down.

People call this the “meeting” or your “presentation” and it’s when you sit down and ask a  series of questions. It’s the “consultative approach” to a sales presentation. The prospect’s replies to your series of questions, give you the information you need to pre-frame your solutions in a way that serves them and makes sense. It creates the persuasion and the influence to help your prosepct agree that moving forward with your solution makes sense for them.

4. The close.

This is where you ask something like, “Joe, so based on everything we’ve reviewed here today, do you agree that it would make sense to start saving you money today?”

Or, “So Sally, based on everything we’ve just discussed, it really looks like this would be a great situation for you, is there anything right now that’s keeping you from getting started?”

“So, based on what we’ve covered, it looks like it makes good sense to get started, do we have a deal?”

And based on which closing question you use, the prospect will either agree or they’ll have some kind of question (objection) that you can then isolate, handle and ask the closing question again. You collect a final decision and you close the deal.

Belly to Belly and On The Phone

In the kind of sales environment I worked in for years, EVERY SINGLE sale was transacted in this way.

I used a personal “sit down” meeting.
I used a telephone conversation.

It’s the BEST EVER environment for truly learning how to sell and how to be an entrepreneur that knows how to create relationships, open transactions and close deals. Nobody can ever take this skill set away from you once you know it.


So, here’s what blew my mind about the Internet…

I saw people conducting this ENTIRE SALES PROCESS using simple social networks, articles on websites and blogs and they were closing sales using email marketing follow up letters, video sales letters and webinars/hangouts online.

I came to the Internet specifically to learn how to use it as leverage to create sales leads for my real estate business.

But when I learned how “affiliate marketers” were using it NOT ONLY to create leads but to do the entire sales process, it blew my mind. I thought, “OMG! Here’s a way I can keep selling and sell in 100s of countries and 24 hours a day simply by applying the process I already know, but using that process online. This is a massive opportunity!”


So to make a long story short, here’s what I did to simplify the process and teach it to other people:

1. I remembered that the most successful sales professionals were the ones who taught their systems to their teams and built large teams that worked together to scale the business up. Leverage.

2. I decided the best way to go online would be to refine my process then teach it to the masses to scale up sales.

3. Instead of belly to belly approaches only; I started using blogging, videos and social networking to get my “approach question” out there 24/7 in the form of “content” pieces people would find.

4. Instead of just person to person sit downs, I used a simple one-page website to have the “virtual meeting” on a video and written content on a web page called a “sales letter” that was designed to do the same exact thing as our personal sit down meeting did and that a personal phone sales meeting did.

5. Instead of repeated phone call sessions in follow up or personal follow up meetings to handle objections and close transactions, I used follow up email letters, follow up videos, follow up facebook pasts and blog posts to handle objections and close sales.

6. Instead of live “Tuesday Night Training” meetings in the office to train a handful of sales team reps, I used webinars, videos, hangouts, podcasts, and blog posts, ebooks, audios and ongoing facebook networking groups to train THOUSANDS at the same time and build an army, all day every day, 24/7 and all around the world.


The main issue people have had with “Internet Marketing” was that “you can’t build real relationships with websites and recorded videos.” And they were right… to a point.

It’s much more sticky to build teams live and in person and it always will be.

However, social media networks changed ALL of that with the advent of Facebook, Facebook Groups and Google Hangouts. You can set up private membership sites on Facebook for your team using Facebook Groups and you can have training and sales meetings with ongoing back and forth dialogue and Q&A sessions using Google Hangouts.

With skype, texting, private messenger on Facebook and so many other tools like Real-Time Video Streaming using apps on a smart phone like Periscope, you can still maintain the “high touch” while you’re optimizing the reach and speed of “high tech” to help run your business.


So now, my sales process actually helps people get results who probably would have never succeeded in a “belly to belly only” or “telephone sales only” environment.

I can take anyone from ANY background and ANY level of experience or inexperience and I can teach them how to build a business and close sales online, if they are willing to take action.

Here’s the usual flow and the mechanics of sales in my online business:

1. My social networking, blogging and video content helps me find new people.

2. My social networking content, blogging and videos help create the relationship.

3. My content and posts invite people to review how I can help them on my sales videos and sales pages.

4. My follow up email campaigns help answer most prospect’s questions and objections.

5. My follow up emails and follow up videos on my blog help filter the wrong people out and help filter the right kind of people into my products and services.

6. My weekly live hangouts are like weekly meetings where people can see that I’m real and I’m available to help get their questions answered. They also train my affiliate team and THEIR affiliate teams.

7. Facebook messenger, skype, email and texting allows me to be there to answer prospect questions and close sales.

8. My ebooks, booklets and posts on my blog (like this one) both train and sell… 24 hours a day.

It’s really nice to be able to sell and generate repeat sales and back end upsells from people who “GET” and understand how powerful and effective this process is. It’s also nice to get sales, repeat sales and upsells WITHOUT needing old fashioned phone calls to be done in order to get the sales.

There’s nothing wrong with getting on the phone to build relationships and close sales. In the beginning, it’s critical and it will always be one of the most valuable business tools in your tool box, however, it’s nice when no phone calls happen and sales come in. 

These days, I hardly need to be on live phone calls to open or close sales. I still do from time to time and I’m not “negative” on it at all, it’s just that, the way I use the Internet and Social Networks, they just close most of my sales without needing to get on the phone. And that’s really cool!

I love the phone.

I have that skill.

If worse came to worse, I will always be able to pick up the phone to open and close sales.

But it’s nice NOT to need it.

Hope this was valuable to you.




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