Hillary Clinton Speech about the AltRight: EPIC Marketing and Recruiting Campaign for what AltRightMeans. Twitter Blows Up #AltRightMeans

The mainstream establishment media, otherwise known as the Public Relations and Marketing arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign has their trendy, arrogant, under-informed and totally mind controlled little bloggers and “journalists” smoking up keyboards writing up hit piece articles and blogs on what the “AltRight” is…

…my friend, they don’t have a fucking clue.

Hillary Clinton and Her Admired Mentor: National Leader of the KKK, Robert Byrd

AltRightMeans Hillary Clinton with KKK Leader Robert Byrd

And you already know that.

It’s the same old tired game plan of huddling together with the rest of the corrupt, biased establishment media and the directors of the Clinton campaign and agreeing on a set of talking points and narratives to unleash their propaganda pit bulls to spread all over their platforms in uniform.

You can see it happening all day long on CNN, MSNBC and now even FOX News (after their internal coup took out Roger Ailes). If you can’t see it easily yourself, then you’re probably just not a student of propaganda and have your mind closed.

It’s so obvious they even have started admitting it and running counter stories on the obvious and flagrant amount of bias in their coverage of this election.

The only problem with that is this…

It’s been failing.

Their ratings have been dropping.

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This is the Funny Little Green Frog the Mainstream Media and Hillary Clinton are Hysterical About: “Pepe” the Weird Little AltRight Frog


CNN’s ratings this week were so low it was embarrassing with people pretty much choosing to watch paint dry rather than watching their embarrassing coverage and pundit “news” shows. It’s ridiculous. And the people have tuned them out.

That’s why their all out blitz of propaganda only seems to get more hysterical and desperate, and it keeps failing and repelling people away from them more and more.

How are they failing if they have a near total monopoly on coverage in the establishment media?

One thing is kicking their ass more than anything else…

Social networks.

They can’t control the narrative anymore when informed people with critical thinking skills and networking skills can take their own opinion, links to proof documents and ignored stories direct to other people using hashtags and social networks.

READ MORE: An analysis of the AltRight…

Time and again, “We The People” have ignored their tired platforms in the mainstream and have come online to our own social networks to spread truths, facts and all the angles and stories and documentation the mainstream media hacks try desperately to ignore and distract you from.

And the AltRight is just one phenomena that has done this in a more organized way with specific hashtags that gets the information out en masse and gets people informed.

The establishment has no clue what the AltRight is.

So they’re trying to frame it and create a narrative that the AltRight is a “fringe group” of white supremacists, racists, mysoginists and anti-semites that are “angry” and trying to foment violence against their political enemies.

That’s their narrative.

That’s the story they want to tell in the establishment media.

It’s absurd.

But they’re desperate.

They’re desperate because after all their chaos, riots, agitators, anarchists, George Soros funded leftist protestors, violence against Trump supporters outside his rallies and after all the millions of dollars Hillary has paid for people to troll against Trump supporters on twitter, if you’re really paying attention, they’ve only hurt themselves and made themselves out to look ignorant, hateful, violent and thuggish.

The people have been paying attention.

The people haven’t bought the unethical, biased spin from the mainstream media.

It’s all back firing.

How else can this race be so close when Hillary basically owns the media coverage, the ad spend and the establishment support all the way through. Even after over sampling democrats on poll after poll and after all the media hyper spin going on, Trump is still on her ass in official polls (and probably smashing her in a landslide in the real world).

Rally after rally, Trump attracts tens of thousands of supporters. They’ve been all peaceful ever since the primaries ended and Hillary stopped sending bus loads of George Soros agitators, communists, anarchists and leftist thug mobs dressed up as Bernie supporters to create chaos and then try to blame Trump for the violence… classic leftist “Saul Alinsky” tactics that blew up in their face this time because social media broadcast the hypocrisy in real time to real people who are sick and tired of the same old political games.

Donald Trump’s social media support and engagement is absolutely organic, viral and spreads in real time. If the media pushes some stupid biased narrative or some synthetic hit piece story, the AltRight on twitter comes together in near real time, creates the hashtag and pushes the truth out en masse. It’s organic. It’s not centralized.

There is no “head quarters.”

There is no “CEO” or “Emperor” of the AltRight calling the shots and issuing the talking points or directives, unlike places like CNN, Media Matters, MSNBC and the DNC who was organizing the talking points and narratives for Hillary’s campaign and basically directing the media on how to cover it.

The AltRight is a hot mess.

But in their chaos, they’re organically systematic and organized on debunking the establishment media’s bullshit fake narratives. And that’s why the mainsteam media is throwing a toddler tantrum desperately trying to find ways to discredit the “AltRight” but they have a big problem:

They don’t know what the fuck the AltRight actually is.

In fact, I don’t even think the AltRight knows, quite yet, what the hell they really are.

But the people DO KNOW who Hillary Clinton is.

She’s praised a national leader of the KKK and also has admired the wonderful eugenics work of the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger. She’s never disavowed Sanger’s belief in eugenics and one of the primary reasons PP was founded, namely, to kill African-American babies and they’ve done it by the tens of millions and decimated the African-American community and continue to do so under the false pretense of “women’s health.”

Hillary Clinton Admiring African-American Baby Killer, Margaret Sanger; Founder of Planned Parenthood


Time will tell, but there is something of a common denominator to the AltRight and it’s this:

The AltRight is against establishment hypocrisy.

They love to call out the corruption and the hypocrisy from the left as well as from the globalism addicted, neoconservative right.

And at this point in this race, everything “AltRight” has merged into a focused fight against what they see as “The Corrupt, Sold Out Establishment” personified as Hillary Clinton. The AltRight, for all their chaos and passion and memes and green fat frogs and (((parentheses))) on twitter and all that social media trolling fun they seem to love, is laser focused on one thing and one thing only right now and that is:


And that simple focus has the establishment media hysterically trying to figure out a way to turn their gigantic monopoly air craft carrier of a media industry to try and chase the nimble, real time, crafty, informed, marketing savvy “AltRight” around the political landscape.

The AltRight is too fast, it’s too smart, it’s too social media savvy and is way more attractive, engaging and fun to watch than anything the old, tired, arrogant, SJW, slow, dumb, dying, victomology card playing “establishment media” can possibly keep up with. The more they try, the more stupid they look.

The AltRight is organic.

The establishment media is as synthetic and fake as it could be.

The AltRight is We The People. It’s real people in real time, on their phones, sharing the messages, links, videos and memes. And they’re proving to be way too authentic, real and truthful than the lying mainstream media can ever be and that’s attractive.

So, I’m sure, after Sick Crooked Hillary’s little “AltRight” speech is over, the AltRight would have gained the best, immediate, national marketing and recruiting campaign it could have ever gotten direct from their political enemy.

More people will be curious about the AltRight because they’ll be asking themselves a natural question:

“What is this AltRight all about to have the entire mainstream media and Hillary Clinton actually focusing an entire speech against them? Something that bad, has GOT to be something very real. Let me check them out…”

Whatever the AltRight started as, Hillary and the stupid dying mainstream media have helped turn into something much bigger, much more diverse, much more informed and much more social media savvy than they ever though was possible. And it’ll continue to grow.

The AltRight is the people.
The AltRight is the personification of anti-bullshit establishment.

The AltRight shines a mirror in the face of corrupt political hacks, stupid political ideologies, and manipulative, cucked out political pundits. The AltRight is an exposure machine. That’s why the fraud media hacks and corrupt establishment politicians and the political parasites that live off them, hate it.

The AltRight is Calling Out the Real Racists, their Political Agendas and Hypocrisy

So, do you think Hillary will disavow her KKK mentor?

WATCH: Donald Trump BRUTAL Anti-Hillary Speech – Directly Calls Out Her Lying, Corruption, Criminality and Bigotry. A thing of beauty for those who seek truth…

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