Are You Addicted to Worshipping Football?

by Franco on February 8, 2016

I’m so over it. I’d rather help people build better lives.

WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? Live Outside Their Matrix. Build Your Own Freedom & Liberty with Your Own Home Business Online

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Can you improve humanity spreading deception and lies? Can you improve humanity and properly govern society by ignoring the truth or enabling the cultural extremes of certain groups over others even when that includes violence and crimes against other innocent people?

Isn’t it time people woke up to the lies and false narratives, covert deception and overt fraud these political systems have programmed us to believe?

Will we continue to do their work for them and destroy each other with hate, animosity, anger and division they create, support and promote in us to further their agendas to gain, keep and hoard power?

Isn’t it time to fight for real freedom and liberty and work together for peace and prosperity and not allow ourselves to be divided and ruled by sociopaths? Everything is possible when we’re united and working toward our own best interests and not slaving away for political rulers and their puppet masters.

DON’T MISS THIS: Shocking video explains exactly how you’ve been enslaved.
(then click on the pic below and watch “THE FOUR HORSEMEN”)

4 horsemen

What do you think? Because it’s important and it matters.

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THE MIDDLE CLASS SQUEEZE: More facts your politician chose to hide from you.

GLOBAL WARMING / CLIMATE CHANGE FRAUD: Another tool to enslave the Middle Class

THE FOUR HORSEMEN: Behind the Scenes of the War Against the Middle Class

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SIMPLE FREEDOM NOTE: As we have been warning, right now in America, the highest levels of government and the banking system are locked in an all out war against you and everyone else in the middle class in an effort to completely enslave you financially…

When their political and economic war policies hit (from the cronies in both parties), you could suddenly be locked out of your bank account… unable to withdraw cash or use your credit card… your empolyment environment will be sent into chaos… your Social Security checks will pile up unopened on your kitchen table… no one will cash them… Go here now for the full story and protect yourself.



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