Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard on Amazon

by Franco on November 21, 2014

MUST READ: Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard

Magnetic Sponsoring Mike Dillard

I’m adding this timeless piece of training, wisdom and strategy
as a required book to read, study and apply in order to work
directly with me in building cash flow online.

It’s mandatory.

Along with Eric Worre’s GoPRO.

When you combine those two books,
it just makes it easier to understand
the way I coach and the way I market.

For over 14 years it’s worked to help
me stay full time online, even with all
the changes on the internet, the changes
in MLM, the changes in information marketing,
the changes in affiliate marketing and in
social media platforms…


So many things are out of your control.

So many people assume, inside an MLM
that they are building THEIR OWN business
and fail to realize the truth…

They’re not. Not even close.

So many people get “confused” online
because they fail to know what they
are really selling and the difference
between futile sales hacking, and real
marketing strategy.

Mike Dillard ends all that.

Mike Dillard

Dillard’s book was originally released
in 2005 and helped me completely
revolutionize my business.

It changed… everything.

It gave me control.

It created cash flow.

It helped me create a REAL business
with an asset I owned and real equity.

If not for this one book, I’d probably
would have left this industry.

But here I am 14 years full time
later sharing this with you.

This ONE BOOK can change everything for you.

And in it, you’ll get to see first hand
how to take instant and long term
control of your real business.

Generating leads and sales becomes
predictable, fun and consistent.

You begin to build a real asset in
your business you can leverage
for the rest of your career.

You can truly serve people by
becoming exponentially more
valuable to them…

…which makes them need and want
you buy from you again and again.

Mike was stuck.

He was young (in college).
He had no business experience.
He had no contacts.
He had no skills.
He was extremely introverted.
He was not a social alpha personality.

So everything he was trying to “duplicate”
wasn’t working. He failed trying for 6 years.

Then he discovered “magnetic sponsoring”
and everything changed…

…in only 18 months he built a million
dollar company online and never looked back.

He penned his strategy in his book, Magnetic Sponsoring.

You want to read this whole book five times.

Read it again and again until the concepts
get imprinted in your subconscious mind.

If you’re just starting out this will save
you years and thousands of dollars “learning.”

If you’ve been around but keep hitting walls,
this will liberate you. You’ll be empowered.

If you’re a leader but have a team struggling
to “duplicate” you, this helps you solve that problem.

This book is money.

And if you’re working with me, you need to
REALLY read this book and study it.

Consider it personal coaching from me
because if you paid me the $1,000 per month
for my private coaching program, I’d be
teaching you these exact strategies and concepts.

You can own the kindle version for only $9.99

Click here to order it on Amazon.

After you order, please let me know that you
ordered it and post it on my facebook.

Your business is about to launch.


Franco Gonzalez

P.S. Need a way to quickly turn this
book’s strategies into cash flow from home?

Click here and join me.

I can help you here.



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