$500 Daily Online from Scratch

November 7, 2019

How to Create $500 Daily Online from Scratch  If you’re new, you need to watch this video. I break down a 20 year journey full of mistakes into what actually works for new people when they are serious about building a full time cash flow online from a “home based business” using their smart […]

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Shaming Single men – MGTOW

November 5, 2019

Shaming Single Men: MGTOW  “Hello Sandman, The topic I wish for you to cover is being male and single. It seems as if it’s always been socially unacceptable for a male to be single, and I’m not completely certain as to why. One personal example of this takes me back a number of years […]

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Bicep Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES)

November 4, 2019

Bicep Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES MY DUDE)  I created time freedom so I can focus on my fitness by using “affiliate marketing” as a tool to build cash flow streams online. Click the button above to review my Simple Freedom Club where I run my affiliate marketing school and affiliate program you can […]

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FREEDOM VAULT WALKTHRU inside Simple Freedom Club

November 4, 2019

What is the FREEDOM VAULT? And how is it designed to create multiple streams of cash flow inside one platform?  Join the club my dude. All of our training and a full affiliate marketing school is inside. You also get access to our affiliate program and I set that up to pay you most […]

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How the 1Up Compensation Plan Works

October 25, 2019

THE POWER OF ONE: How the Reverse 1Up Compensation Plan Works  THE POWER OF ONE: The Reverse 1Up Comp Plan. My favorite of all time for leveraged direct sales because it lets me focus on lead generation and sales…. plus delivers passive cash flow for teaching my team productive skill sets. This creates full […]

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Easy1Up Using Vertex Lead System Full Review

October 19, 2019

Easy1Up Affiliate Program Promoted Using the Vertex Lead System Automated Marketing Funnel and Traffic Resources  Focus. Keep it simple. Using Vertex Lead System you can promote Easy1Up and have everything you need in one location for both offline and online marketing. Affiliate program: As a reseller of VLS it’s basically “refer 2 and it’s […]

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Simple Freedom Easy1Up PLS Funnel Share Code Tutorial

October 18, 2019

Simple Freedom Easy Funnel: Easy1Up PLS Share Code Funnel Tutorial  Duplication friendly. Automated selling system markets both Power Lead System and Easy1Up at the same time. Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. It can make you nice big chunks of upfront cash flow so you can create a full time income stream quicker […]

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Affiliate Marketing Basic Training

October 16, 2019

Boot Camp for Affiliate Marketing  Keep it simple. That’s the main thing with affiliate marketing if you are serious about creating full time cash flow streams with it. Automate as much as possible. Leverage affiliate program compensation as much as possible. Create and promote into small ticket offers, big ticket offers and monthly recurring […]

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Abundance Network Review

October 15, 2019

Abundance Network Review  Abundance Network. Mobile Marketing tool for affiliate marketing lead generation and sales smart phone mobile marketing funnels. The product is your own mobile marketing phone number. You promote this number on all online and offline promotions. When people dial your lead generation number they listen to an automated short recording and […]

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MyLeadGenSecret Review

October 14, 2019

MyLeadGenSecret: 100 to 200 Leads A Day for $30 a Month  You need leads. Get up to 200 daily for just $30 per month. No matter what your business, you need leads. Our done-for-you list-building service gives you up to 200 new opt-in leads per day for $30/mo. Full review is here. Franco 760.271.2810 […]

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List Leverage Review

October 8, 2019

FEATURED TRAFFIC SOURCE: LIST LEVERAGE – Instantly Become a SOURCE OF TRAFFIC to the Entire Affiliate Marketing Space – and Build a Massive Stream of Consistent, Quality Buyer Traffic that Builds Your Targeted Prospect Email List Like an Oil Pipeline  As an affiliate marketer you’re going to need to invest in driving quality traffic […]

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Simple Freedom Club Live

October 4, 2019

Simple Freedom Club Quick Overview  Simple Freedom Club online community and affiliate marketing program is live. It’s a cash flow vehicle and nice converting offer for existing affiliate marketers that pays $25 on every $35 sale without any monthly fees. It’s also a full affiliate marketing school inside for beginner affiliate marketers. Review the […]

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Getting Started Fast in Affiliate Marketing

September 26, 2019

Power Lead System Getting Started Fast Training  You have to keep this stuff as simple as possible and let the automation create the cash flow for you. If you just joined and need to get started fast, go here. People will NOT do complicated stuff. You need to get paid most of the money […]

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8 Best Dumbbell Exercises Ever Hits Every Muscle

September 21, 2019

8 Best Dumbbell Exercises Ever: Hit Every Major Muscle Group Without Crazy Gym Equipment, Expensive “Coaching” or Driving To Mega Gym (waste of time) Meat Markets  Build a ripped athletic body with just a few dumbbells. Athleanx is a great youtube channel to follow and website for fitness enthusiasts. Dumbbells are definitely one of […]

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance EOS Technical Analysis Chart

September 14, 2019

Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Ripple Binance EOS Technical Analysis Chart  Hey guys. So you already know I use the vehicle of  “affiliate marketing” to create cash flow by taking my message directly to humans. The less middlemen as possible, the better. I can keep things as simple as possible so that normal, busy people with […]

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Introduction to MGTOW

September 13, 2019

INTRODUCTION to MGTOW: Men is this better for your financial future?  Enter the Sandman. What is MGTOW? From the description of the video above on youtube: I’m getting a number of people asking me to do an introduction video to MGTOW so here it is. I’m going to highlight twenty five of the most […]

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Creating Effective Scalable Cash Flow Affiliate Marketing Systems and Funnels

September 12, 2019

Smart Funnel Hacking: How to Promote into or Create Scale Friendly Cash Flow Affiliate Marketing Funnels and Systems  Keep it simple. It’s usually the most profitable way to go in the world of affiliate marketing. Focus on marketing into or creating scalable cash flow affiliate marketing systems and funnels that even beginners can be […]

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Gregg Braden – Deep Truth Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate

July 27, 2019

Gregg Braden – Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny and Fate  Deep Truth. More proof that we are living right in the middle of some amazing times. There are so many perspectives and angles on why our time here is special but the one I like to focus on is […]

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Simple Freedom $500 Days Overview

July 25, 2019

Smartest way to create $500 & $1000 Days Online with Affiliate Marketing  Just click here and join me if you’re ready to simplify and make more money with less hassles. We’ll connect personally so I can help you get started fast. Call or text me if you have any questions. Franco P.S. My personal […]

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Bitcoin Frontiers New Share Code Funnel Capture Page for Power Lead System

March 7, 2019

Bitcoin Frontiers: New Capture Page Share Code for Power Lead System Users  I just created this one. I’ll create a lot more as we flow. You get 4 done for you capture pages and the follow up email campaign inside the Bitcoin Frontiers affiliate marketing program but I know many of our customers and […]

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FUNNEL HACKING How to Install Share Code Funnels inside Power Lead System Quickly

January 18, 2019

Click here if you’re ready to start learning this stuff and making your own money online? Affiliate Marketing School inside Simple Freedom. In this session I share how to install a share code lead capture page and video sales page inside the Power Lead System for affiliate marketing. It’s pretty direct and a simple process […]

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Payment Processing for Affiliate Marketers

November 15, 2018

GET YOUR MONEY: How to Process and Collect Your Own Payments in Affiliate Marketing  As an affiliate marketer if you’re just starting out you do not want to over complicate anything. Most of the affiliate programs we refer people to are complete “one-stop-shops” that do all the hard, technical and financial back end work […]

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November 12, 2018

SPECIAL OFFER: Double Your Level 50% Discount + PLUS Personal Coaching & Mentorship  LIMITED TIME ONLY: Simple Freedom Affiliate Marketing School Coaching Program + PLUS + 100% Commission Double Up Offer As I stated in the email to subscribers of my Simple Freedom Newsletter… For a short time I’ve been offering this special which […]

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The Smartest Way to $500 Days Online

September 25, 2018

Simple Freedom Internet Business School: How to Create $500 & $1000 Days Online  Creating $500 & $1000 Days Online is a Matter of Choice You make a decision to do it. Then you work a plan specifically designed to attract other people who agree with this vision. You then take massive action daily and […]

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How to Create $500 Days Online Step by Step

September 23, 2018

Simple Freedom Internet Business School: How to Create $500 & $1000 Days Online  Creating $500 & $1000 Days Online is a Matter of Choice You make a decision to do it. Then you work a plan specifically designed to attract other people who agree with this vision. You then take massive action daily and […]

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New Simple Freedom Easy Two Page Funnel for Easy1Up Affiliate Marketing

August 13, 2018

NEW FUNNEL REVIEW: Simple Freedom Easy Two Page Funnel for Easy1Up Affiliate Marketing  Here’s a powerful, but simple two-page marketing funnel you can create to promote just about any affiliate program offer. I like it because it includes both high tech (automation and leverage) along with high touch (personal connection and service) at the […]

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MyEcon New Funnel Release SimpleFreedomEconomy Review

July 29, 2018

NEW FUNNEL RELEASE: MyEcon Marketing System Using the SimpleFreedomEconomy Funnel  Click the button to review it and grab it. Get some traffic. Plug into our training. No brainer.

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Affiliate Marketing School Begins

June 28, 2018

Affiliate Marketing School: Learn How to Setup and Profit from Your Own Internet Affiliate Business and Create Your Own Full Time Income Business From Home  SIMPLE FREEDOM MARKETING SCHOOL If you can plug into our weekly trainings and follow simple instructions, you can grow a nice, profitable business and earn a full time income […]

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The Truth About Italy and the Populist Liberty Wave Fighting Globalism

June 5, 2018

The Truth About Italy: Why the Main Stream Media is Ignoring the Massive Populist Liberty Wave Fighting Back Against the European Union’s Globalism in Europe…  What Really Just Happened in Italy? “In case you missed it, a political earthquake just hit Europe. An event that has the global “elite” truly terrified. In a most […]

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Death by China Problems in China and How You Were Sold Out to the Communist Chinese

June 4, 2018

Death By China: How You Were Sold Out By the Parasites that Run Your Government to the Communist Chinese…  PROBLEMS IN CHINA: Stefan Molyneux Discusses the Core Problems Inside China and How they Affect You…  CHINA CENTURY OF HUMILIATION: What Happened in Totalitarian, Communist China that Led to a Century of Humiliation and […]

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Why Power Lead System or Easy1Up with Vertex Lead System?

June 3, 2018

WHICH ONE? Why Power Lead System or Easy1Up with Vertex Lead System?  Why Power Lead System or Easy1Up with Vertex Lead System. Review them both below… Power Lead System funnel: www.FrancoLeadSystem.com Lead Lightning Funnel (PLS): www.JoinFranco.com Easy1Up w Vertex Lead System: www.BigSimpleCash.com I use them both and recommend everyone have them both. The main […]

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Post Card Design and Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

June 2, 2018

POST CARD DESIGN and Guerrilla Marketing Strategy  How to Generate Traffic & Leads with Simple Post Cards I love getting post cards out there in the market because they’re so simple. The best thing you can focus on with your home business is keeping it as simple as possible so that masses of people […]

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Get Started Making Money Online on a Tight Budget

May 30, 2018

TIGHT BUDGET? Get Started Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing Even on the Tightest of Budgets…  There is no excuse for not starting your own home business. The tax advantages are critical alone. And today, it’s very realistic to use programs and tools that allow you to create a legit full time income from […]

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Getting Started Easy with Affiliate Marketing on the Simple Freedom Team

May 24, 2018

GETTING STARTED EASY: How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing with the Simple Freedom Team  Keeping it Simple. It’s called Simple Freedom for a reason. We wanted to create a more simplfied way to help brand new online based, home entrepreneurs get started and get into profit mode. This stuff can get real complicated […]

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Mobile Marketing Scripts Done For You

May 21, 2018

Mobile Marketing Scripts: Done For You So You Can Create More Traffic and Faster Sales from Lead Flow…  Grab your mobile marketing scripts. So I uploaded the scripts in the Simple Freedom Mastermind Facebook Group. Just get in there and click on the FILES section and you’ll see them there. Both the audio recording […]

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Master Traffic Institute New Release by Power Lead System

May 15, 2018

DAILY $1,000 COMMISSIONS: Master Traffic Institute – Everything You Need to Know About Generating Your Own Traffic and Creating Your Own Leads Online…  MASTER TRAFFIC INSTITUTE: Generate Your Own Traffic and Earn $1,000 Per Sale Commission with $200 Overrides…  Created in house. We created every coaching module from scratch. You learn how to […]

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SMS Text Message Broadcaster with Daily Leads Included

May 11, 2018

MOBILE MARKETING: SMS Text Message Broadcaster with Daily Leads Included…  Owner of SMS Phone Leads adds SMS text message broadcaster with daily leads included. You’ll now be able to have hundreds of daily leads inside your own system and simply copy and paste a little message into your broadcaster and click send. This is […]

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How to Turn Strangers into Buyers Part 1 of 3

May 11, 2018

THE CASH CODE: How to Turn Strangers into Buyers Part 1 of 3  MECHANICS OF CASH FLOW: Until You Have a MECHANISM That Can Convert Lurkers, and the General Public into Cash Sales, You Don’t Have a Business but Just a Monthly Bill… In this three part series of coaching in the next couple […]

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Affiliate Marketing Basics The Mechanics of Wealth in Affiliate Marketing

May 8, 2018

AFFILIATE MARKETING BASICS: The Mechanics of Wealth in Affiliate Marketing  What is Affiliate Marketing: It can and should be very simple. Most people complicate it. At its core, affiliate marketing is simply being able to recommend and promote other people’s brands, products and services for a commission. Easy. You like a product, service or […]

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Bitcoin Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency and Trading

May 7, 2018

BITCOIN BEGINNERS GUIDE: Learn Everything You Need to Know About Building Wealth with Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Trading Basics…  Your bitcoin beginner’s guide. I put this educational site together so that we could have one clean, organized place to access the information, resources and tools a new person needs to learn about bitcoin and get […]

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Smart Phone Mobile Marketing Traffic and Lead Conversion Strategies

May 7, 2018

SMART PHONE MARKETING: Mobile Marketing Tool and Strategies to Generate More Traffic, Collect More Leads and Convert More Sales in Your Business  SMS PHONE LEADS: Smarter Marketing for Your Smart Phone… Smart Phone Marketing Number: 760-856-8072 Start by dialing that number and listening to the short, 3 minute message so you can get a […]

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Power Lead System Overview Webinar Affiliate Marketing Training

May 6, 2018

AFFILIATE MARKETING: Power Lead System Overview Webinar – an “open house” tour of PLS…  PLS Overview Webinar May 2, 2018 Power Lead System is a marketing funnel creation tool suite. It gives you access to tools needed to create affiliate marketing offers, lead capture pages, online sales presentation pages and complete marketing funnels that […]

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The Power of One

April 30, 2018

THE POWER OF ONE: Dial & Listen to this Message Now 760-856-8072 THE POWER OF ONE: Absolutely Newbie Proof and The Fastest Way to Make Money Online with Simple Affiliate Marketing System that Pays 100% Commissions… THE POWER OF ONE + Dial: 760-856-8072 Did you know… The # 1 has super powers! Like debt domination, […]

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Blogging Training How to Create Rabbit Hole Blog Posts

April 28, 2018

Blogging Training: How to Create “Rabbit Hole” Blog Posts  This kind of blogging is powerful for direct marketers. You start with something mainstream, current and relevant to the niche you like to blog about. And create a link to another blog post or blog page that takes your reader a little deeper down the […]

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Tucker Carlson House Report Has No Collusion But Deep State Revealed Communists Inside?

April 27, 2018

NO COLLUSION BUT MARXIST INFILTRATION? Tucker Carlson Reports That House Report Shows No Collusion However the Investigation Process Revealed Where the Real Collusion Lies and Exposed the True Deep State and Possibly the Extent of Marxist Communists Infiltration Inside the Highest Levels of Our Permanent Government Institutions…  COMMUNISTS ON THE INSIDE? The Baby Boomer […]

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Bitcoin Beyond the Bubble and Was it All Just a Fast Scam?

April 25, 2018

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble. What Now?  It’s mid April and it looks as if the crypto and bitcoin trading season is heating up. How are you positioned? Are you positioned to know when to enter and exit a trade in profit? Or did you waste the entire time during the bear market and not […]

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Bitcoin and Altcoin Crypto Trading Season Back?

April 23, 2018

CRYPTO TRADING SEASON: Are You Prepared to Profit and Stack Gains During the 2018 Altcoin, Bitcoin Crypto Trading Season? New video…  Bitcoin is flirting with $9,000 again and positioning for its run to and past $10,000. But all along the way, I’ve been profiting with short term trades in bitcoin and a variety of […]

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Smart Email Marketing Strategies for More Sales

April 22, 2018

Smart Email Marketing Strategy: Use These Emails in a Variety of Ways to Close More Easy1up and Vertex Lead System Sales  Email Marketing. It can make you a lot of money when you do it right and when you do it consistently. Here are some ideas to make it quick and efficient too. THE […]

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Smart Phone Text Marketing Lead Generation Training

April 15, 2018

TURN YOUR CELL PHONE INTO A MONEY PRINTER! Smart Phone Marketing Strategy and Resources Help You Generate More Leads and Sales with Automation, Leverage and Smart Phone Technology… THE PROCESS: How a Smart Phone Traffic & Lead Generation Funnel Works… It’s a straight forward strategy that uses both Smart Phone Text & Voice Messages and […]

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