Off the Grid Camping and I’ll Still Be Creating Cash Flow Online: Here’s how you can learn too…

Franco Gonzalez Carlsbad Beach

Yo! Hope your day is going awesome.

So, I’ll be off the grid camping with my family for the next few days.

Don’t actually know when I’m coming back because we usually just play it by ear and it doesn’t take much to extend our adventures.

I like to soak up liberty and freedom in big juicy doses.

So, if you just joined our affiliate marketing team, then please visit and save this page.

Simple Freedom Training & Mentoring

It plugs you directly into our training and mentoring system. It’s me in my online form. I use The Force like a freaking jedi this way. This way, no matter what’s going on or where I am physically on this solar system, you always have access to me 24/7.

On this blog also, be sure to click on the Podcast tab and subscribe.

It’s free. Then I kick it with you on your phone too. We can share ideas, concepts and I’m always right there.

From this blog (just click around, you won’t break anything), you can also find my weekly training hangouts recorded, the full training archive on the youtube channel etc. Click on the “Start Here” tab and start learning the basics of creating cash flow, from scratch online.

Everything you need to get started and have access to the strategies that allow me to go camping whenever and wherever without worrying about begging a boss for time off.

I keep stuff simple.

The Simple Freedom Protocol is:

1. Get in.
2. Get all in.
3. Get traffic.
4. Get to our hangout.

You’ll see.

See ya when I get back.

I’ll be posting to fb and twitter if I have signal.

If you’ve not joined our team yet and want info… click on the tab: “Start Here” on the blog. Free info and vids there spell out how I monetize fb and twitter etc and how we can work together.

Or just join me here:


I’m out.

I have to get my “bug out” bags ready for tomorrow, and deploy on this camping trip.

Embrace freedom and the liberty movement. Read the damn constitution and the bill of rights and don’t get your ass brainwashed into cultural marxism. It’s simple.


Love life.
Love people.
Love your family.
Protect them.
Make your own money.
Stay free.
Use your mind.

SIMPLE FREEDOM: It’s a mastermind of liberty enthusiast entrepreneurs. We show you how to leverage the Internet and Social Media to start and scale your own business. We believe that by being empowered to create your own cash flow, you can then protect freedom and enjoy more liberty in your life. Start learning free here:

Franco Gonzalez Simple Freedom Social Media Marketing Training


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