Did Social Media and the Internet Kill MLM Network Marketing?

An open and candid conversation about building a network marketing business inside the chaos of the Internet and Social Networks.

Robert Blackman has been a full time home business owner for 35 years. He builds offline and he build online using the Internet and Social Media Marketing. Not many people have experienced so much both offline and online in this profession so I wanted to have a candid conversation on the state of network marketing and MLM in today’s social media driven context.

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Robert Blackman


Is it the same opportunity as before?

Is is too risky?

Are there better alternatives?

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What are the specific pitfalls for new entrepreneurs in MLM and Network Marketing?

What are the specific pitfalls for experienced marketers?

How do build a team in MLM with all the chaos on social media networks?

How to retain a team?

How do you deal with the mega “team leaders” who bail and jump to other programs and poach, cross recruit and destroy existing teams and organizations?

Why are MLM companies failing more and more?

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What are some of the most important critical mistakes MLM companies are making these days that all affiliates need to watch out for?

What do you think is the future direction of network marketing and MLM in light of the attacks by investors on Herbalife and government efforts by the FTC to shut down companies like Vemma?

How do you protect your personal business from existential problems that hit companies like Visalus where they have a few years of powerful momentum only to turn into mass “leader exodus” cycles that obliterate years of hard work and destroy people’s businesses?

What do you feel about the practice by company owners to use “free agency marketing” to head hunt and cross recruit mega leaders from other companies? Is that a critical risk to entrepreneurs just starting out? Does that make it too risky to even want to build an MLM style business to begin with?

Is there any true long term sustainability left in the MLM model anymore or is it just a shell game and short term ride?

These and many more hard hitting questions is what we discuss in the interview.

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